Pre press and Numeric :
NEW Material

Direct imaging on TRADITONNAL plates you can buy in your local market

Flasheuse, CTP

Révolution 3P

Direct imaging on traditionnal plates or chinese plates like you can find on your local market.
iCTP et iCTF
Print on tradional UV plates
Print Films
Print Posters in colors
Resolution max. : 2880 x 2880 dpi
Lpi max : 195 Lpi
New material from  : 19.000 Euros
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EasyFILMS : iCTP imagesetter with "daylight" films

CTF, flasheuse, flasheuses, imagesetter, imagesetters, Graphic Invest

  • Size : A2+ (610 mm) of A1+ (1118 mm)
  • Daylight films
  • Resolution : 2880 x 1440 dpi and 185 lpi
  • Rip (EasyFILMS 10, last generation) included on PC with Dongle (German technology)
  • Hardware: Epson
  • Very high production
  • INSTALLATION and FORMATION on your site (demand conditions for it)
  • Garanty : 1 year
  • Free technical assistance during 1 year (with TeamViewer)

Price From 8.500 Euros all included


Big one size printing numéric machine

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Impression grand format

Numeric impression small size


Ricoh impression numérique Ricoh Impression numérique Ricoh Impression numérique Ricoh Impression numérique